Trey McIntyre


The Unkindness of Ravens

I committed to a title yesterday. It takes me a long time to marry one. I usually know what it is very early in development, but I just never know how the piece is going to change, evolve, run away and come back to me during the rehearsal process. But I usually learn that the original idea is where the ends came from. And that text is so important. They may be the only word(s) that the audience gets to associate with the piece. It is turning the knob on the door. It is the sound of unlatching. 

So the title of what I’m working on now is: The Unkindness of Ravens. We start rehearsals in a week and a half and I feel both overly and under-prepared. Dance is unique in that the time to actually MAKE is so prescribed. It makes me utterly focused on the build-up. I go in, up, through and around the subject matter until I feel exposed in my response to it…surprised at what I’ve found. And then the actual time in the studio is a blink. And then we’re onstage and then we’re on tour. 

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